Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Global Warming - An Inconvenient Truth

Al Gore may have "lost" the 2000 Election to George Bush but he keeps his fight on global warming going, with a new film called "An Inconvenient Truth." You can see the trailer here and judge for yourself the quality of the film. I do wonder what direction America would have taken if Gore "won" the election in 2000. Karl Rove had successfully caricatured Gore as a bore and a snobbish intellectual, so that enough rednecks from Florida voted for Bush rather than Gore. Would America have done more to fight global warming? I think the answer to that would be a resounding YES!. It has been clear as Houston smog that Bush doesn't care about the environment. Richard Cohen has this to say about Gore's movie and his continued drive to thwart, or at least warn the world about the dangers of, global warming.

Gore insists his presidential aspirations are behind him. "I think there are other ways to serve," he told me. No doubt. But on paper, he is the near-perfect Democratic candidate for 2008. Among other things, he won the popular vote in 2000. He opposed going to war in Iraq, but he supported the Persian Gulf War -- right both times. He is smart, experienced and, despite the false caricatures, a man versed in the new technologies -- especially the Internet. He is much more a person of the 21st century than most of the other potential candidates. Trouble is, a campaign is not a film. Gore could be a great president. First, though, he has to be a good candidate. In the meantime, he is a man on a mission. Wherever he goes -- and he travels incessantly -- he finds time and an audience to deliver his (free) lecture on global warming. It and the film leave no doubt of the peril we face, nor do they leave any doubt that Gore, at last, is a man at home in his role. He is master teacher, pedagogue, know-it-all, smarter than most of us, better informed and, having tried and failed to gain the presidency, he has raised his sights to save the world. We simply cannot afford for Al Gore to lose again.
The thing that I like about Al Gore since 2000 is that he has been relentlessly on point, standing for what he believes no matter how much he is ridiculed. The thing is that his beliefs are not whacked as some would have you believe. Al Gore is right. In Genesis, Adam and Eve were commanded to "multiply and replenish the earth." How can you replenish the earth if you use it up? How can the earth be replenished if it is intoxicated? How can the earth grow if it is being torn down? It is bad policy to simply use the materials provided for us on this earth and then discard them. If we cut down a tree, why not plant a new one in its stead? Why not push even harder to find renewable sources of energy or cleaner sources of energy? This earth can house probably close to 80 billion people if we use our resources correctly. But we aren't. We're not even close to using our resources the best way we can. We're in a point where we are RUNNING OUT! We can do better. Listening to Al Gore is a start.


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