Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Good Questions to Ask About Iran

Dan Froomkin asks some very key questions that intrepid reporters or regular Americans should be asking the President: Q. How close is Iran really to making nuclear weapons? Q. Is there any indication of an imminent threat? Q. Is there any reason not to declassify the August 2005 national intelligence estimate on Iran, which, according to The Washington Post, says Iran is a decade away from making a nuclear bomb? Q. What is the evidence to support the administration’s contention that Iran is the main state sponsor of terrorism in the world? Q. What is the evidence to support Bush’s attempt to link Iran to the Iraqi insurgency and the improvised explosive devices used to kill and maim U.S. troops there? Q. Wouldn’t a military strike be more likely to strengthen the hold of the Islamic government in Iran, rather than weaken it? Q. Wouldn’t it further inflame anti-American anger around the Muslim world, and further jeopardize the already fragile U.S. position in Iraq? Q. Would it even succeed in delaying the Iranian nuclear program? Q. Is Saudi Arabia’s fear of Iran’s becoming a nuclear power a factor in U.S. decision-making? Is The US About to Attack Iran?


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