Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Gospel of Judas

The world is fascinated today by the discovery of The Gospel of Judas, apparently written by Judas about his time with Jesus. In this "gospel" (which, by the way, means "Good News"), Judas apparently was Jesus's favorite disciple whom Jesus apparently wanted to have him betray the Son of God. Does that even make sense? Not only that, but if what Judas did was at the request of the Son of God, why would he need the 30 pieces of silver from the Pharisees, when, if done at the command of the Son of God means eternal salvation and blessings? Why would he then also take his own life? Or, Occam's Razor again, could it be that Judas, a betrayer and a liar, simply made this up to try and convince others that he really was a nice guy, but wasn't enough to stop his guilty conscience from making his life hell, so he killed himself? That fits better with the facts.


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