Sunday, April 23, 2006

"If We Look For God, We'll Eventually Reach One Point"

My brother in law bore his testimony at church today. He recently was baptized and this was the first time he was called to bear his testimony. He talked about how he came to the church through his wife, who was an inactive member at the time. He said, "if we look for God, we'll eventually reach one point." (or something to that effect--i don't have a photographic memory). It was pretty profound though because what he basically said is that God's path and God's directions lead only one way. We either go our own way or go his. The only way to get to His point, His location, is to follow His path. Many think they are following His path, but in reality it is their own erroneous paths they follow. Heavenly Father is a God of order, not of chaos. It is impossible for all the current paths in the world that the six billion people living now take to lead to the same point when they don't take the same path.


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