Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Our Various Blogs

So now that I've left Linkup, for posting my thoughts I have several blogs. The Life of Nicolae Padigone This blog will be my general thoughts, life, frustrations, etc, such as when our Friends DVD disc breaks just as we get to a really cool episodes. Librarian Thoughts As a librarian, I have created a blog to have a place for ideas and thoughts on my profession. RHMD's Thoughts on Politics This will be where I keep my feelings about politics. It can't be helped. I shouldn't have gotten the degree in International Politics from BYU....I'm now hooked. My wife has a blog of her own too, for her thoughts. It is called Illuminations on Life, Love, and Liberty Finally we created a blog for our thoughts on relationships and family called A & N: Eternal Companions I hope to see you all at any of these blogs. I'm trying to expand out and read what others are writing.


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