Thursday, April 20, 2006

Reshuffling the Same Deck

Howard Fineman has a great piece on the current "reshuffling" that Bush is going through with his staff: Clipping Rove's Wings

Some officials were upset when the president said that it would be up to his successor to decide when to end America’s military involvement in Iraq. At least one of them told me that Bush hadn’t meant to say such a thing, and didn’t mean what he seemed to be saying. But it’s true: He’s not leaving Iraq anytime soon, or even winding the war down dramatically. Yes, there are generals who think we never should have gone there, or that the way we went was horribly botched. But that’s not enough to make Bush willing to pull the plug, or even fire Donald Rumsfeld. On Iraq, in poker terms, Bush is doubling down. Nor is he likely to make wholesale changes in his foreign policy and defense team. Bolten can rearrange the deck chairs all he wants to on domestic and economic policy. But the Axis of Believers—Cheney-Rummy-Rove-Condi—remains. The more the media and its band of Republican allies complain, the more dug in Bush will become. He’s as stubborn as Slim Pickens in “Dr. Strangelove:” He’d rather ride Rummy to Armageddon than seem to concede that Iraq was a botched project.
and in regards to McClellan's departure, here are some of the highlights (or lowlights) of his non-answers to the press: Briefing Room Follies McClellan's Greatest Hits Just the facts, Mike, please provide us with just the facts!


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