Thursday, April 13, 2006

Retired Generals Rebuke Rumsfeld

So retired generals of the various military divisions are rebuking Donald Rumsfeld, and saying he should step down. Not being a military man, I don't know the strength and influence of retired generals, but I do wonder why they did not speak up when they were not retired. I understand the whole "obey the chain of command" thing, but if the leaders are giving you orders that are immoral, illegal, and unethical, should you not be speaking out against them? especially if they are against the normal code of the military.

Batiste said he believes that the administration's handling of the Iraq war has violated fundamental military principles, such as unity of command and unity of effort. In other interviews, Batiste has said he thinks the violation of another military principle -- ensuring there are enough forces -- helped create the Abu Ghraib abuse scandal by putting too much responsibility on incompetent officers and undertrained troops.
Interestingly General Pace has the following to say:
On Tuesday, Gen. Peter Pace, who is the first Marine to serve as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, attempted to tamp down the revolt of the retired generals. No officers were muzzled during the planning of the invasion of Iraq, he said. "We had then and have now every opportunity to speak our minds, and if we do not, shame on us," he said at a Pentagon briefing. "The articles that are out there about folks not speaking up are just flat wrong."
Apparently retired generals had their chance to speak out.....or did they? Would they not have been marginalized back then if they did speak out?


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