Thursday, April 13, 2006

A Third Party?

Glen Reynolds, with whom I've usually disagreed brings up an interesting notion that might arise out of the debacle surrounding immigration in America.

A Third Party Possibility... The more I think about it, the more this looks like fertile ground for a third party to emerge. Who will it hurt more? The Republicans, or the Democrats? I'm not sure. Perhaps it will shake things up in general.
Certainly both the Republican and Democratic parties are very corrupt, tainted sorely by a huge flood of lobby money (as the Abramoff incident has shown). But won't the Republican and Democrat parties survive this as they have before? Teddy Roosevelt attempted to start a third party. Numerous others have tried and tried. In the end, they have not succeeded. Will it be different this time? Which current small 3rd party could do it? The Constitution Party? They are very popular with libertarians, but haven't seemed to have gotten a stronger hold on people who view things differently. The Green Party? Like libertarians, they live on the fringes still. Or will a third party that mainly provides political access to Hispanics? Something does need to change though, as American politics today needs a refreshening.


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