Thursday, April 13, 2006

Where in the World is North Korea?

Another interesting question.....Where's the talk of not allowing North Korea to have a nuclear weapon? Why the sudden shift to Iran? Have any Americans noticed the sudden silence on this member of the "Axis of Evil?" Notice the silence, because it is key to why Iran is rushing to get nuclear technology. North Korea apparently now has nukes. And what is America doing about it now that they have nukes? NOTHING! Why? because the risk of an attack on North Korea would be devastating to America, its principles, its allies and its standing in the world. Why does Iran want a nuke? not to use it. But to get America off its back! They know, from experience right in front of their eyes that the United States will not do anything about a country that has nukes. In fact, America's actions and responses to nations that have nukes is quite telling. Pakistan has nukes. What is Pakistan's relation with America? Is the relation not special? Are we not close to them? why? Certainly not because of any "war on terror." It is because Pakistan has nukes! Bush recently visited India and basically gave them all our cards. Why? because India has nukes, and will work strategically in regards to China. Do you think that if India did not have nukes we would really care that much about what India does? Much of our posturing in the Pacific is in regards to China. Why? Because China has nukes. We respect/fear China not because they have 1.5 billion people and the largest army on the planet, but because they have 50 some odd nukes that can hit American soil. You think Bush would call Putin, who is slowly moving Russia back towards a totalitarian state, his "best buddy" if Russia did not sit on 7000 nuclear weapons, most of which are still pointed at the United States? would we do what we could to make Russia (as weak economically as it is) a member of the G7 (make that G8 now that Russia is in), if it were not for its nuclear weapons? Is it clear now why Iran wants nukes? they see lowly Pakistan being treated like kings because of their nukes. Iran wants to be a major player. They know that by having nukes they will be. North Korea may be marginalized because they are extremely weak economically---they rely on China for all their food---but the way America responded to North Korea makes Iran hurry their nuke program even more. they know nothing will happen to them once they achieve that status. And America will have to deal with one more nuclear state.


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