Wednesday, May 10, 2006

American Troop Casualties Near 20,000

"Life and Death Everywhere" American troop casualties are as follows right now: 2500 dead and about 17,500 wounded severely enough that in previous wars they would have died. In other words, the casualty rate in Iraq today does indeed mirror that of Vietnam 40 years ago, with the exception that today, fewer Americans have died due to better equipment, better training, and better medical technology. What does that still say about how many American soldiers are affected by this war? The other huge difference between then and now is that these soldiers today volunteered to serve in the armed forces, unlike 40 years ago when they were conscripts. Still....what is the objective in Iraq? Was it to simply remove a dictator from power? Was it to find the WMDs? Was it to reshape the Middle East into a flowering democracy? In what shape? As a Western-style democracy, even though the west is hated there? 1. We removed Saddam from power. So what are we still doing there? 2. There were no WMDs there in 2003, because the UN Inspectors actually removed them from 1991-1998. 3. the Middle East is being reshaped. Hamas wins elections in Palestine, and Hesbollah wins elections in Lebannon. Is that what neo-cons had in mind? This gets back then to the all-important question: what the hell was it all about?


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