Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Another Example of How We Lose the Hearts and Minds

In Afghanistan, during the recent "operation," Americans claim they killed nearly 80 bad guys, but apparently, 16 civilians were also killed. This heavy-handed approach loses more support than any amount of killings of bad guys could ever win us. Tell me, how many Americans remember the bombing of the wedding party in Afghanistan back in 2002? Afghans remember. Americans don't. Therein lies our failure to win their hearts and minds, and our failure to make Afghanistan (and Iraq) a peaceful place.


At 5/24/2006 08:15:00 AM, Blogger Trude said...

Now I know that the twin towers and the pentagon and the hijacking of the planes was one of the most horrific things anyone in the west has had to experience. It has been coming up to 5 years now, since 9/11 and still it stings so many people, because of the loss of life and the tragic way in which it happened. People are still outraged and still seeking justice. One way of seeking justice has been to declare a war on terror.

We are more used to seeing these type of tragedies out of what I call the East. And we don't expect them to harbour the same outrage and seek for the same justice ?

At 5/24/2006 09:03:00 AM, Blogger nicolaepadigone said...

well said Trude.

I wonder if those who back these heavy-handed approaches realize just how that feeds the insurgency in both Iraq and Afghanistan. As Porter Goss testified to the Senate:

"Islamic extremists are exploiting the Iraqi conflict to recruit new anti-U.S. jihadists," CIA Director Porter J. Goss told the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

Violence begets violence, so the big question is, where does it end? How do we put an end to the violence around us?


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