Sunday, May 07, 2006

Bush Says He Wants To Close Gitmo....and then doesn't.....

I Would Close Gitmo Trying to quell the criticism, Bush says the following about Gitmo, saying he wants to close it:

“Our top court must still rule on whether they should go before a civil or military court,” he said. “They will get their day in court. One can’t say that of the people that they killed. They didn’t give these people the opportunity for a fair trial.”
His arguments though are very weak. One can't say that a murderer's victims got their day in court, and yet they (murderers) still got a fair trial. Also, not having an opportunity to face their accusers, how can you even tell these people in Gitmo ever actually committed a crime against the United States? It seems very unjust and unfair to claim they are murderers when in actuality, as has been shown numerous times, they are not. Where is the media to ask these questions? Why are they afraid?


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