Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My comments on Pretty Lady's remarks

Pretty Lady's Comments pretty lady, well thank you for the compliment. yeah, i'm not going to spend as much time commenting on Mr. Day's blog anymore. you are quite correct, some of those guys there are perhaps too far gone to bring a sense of cheerfulness back into their lives. It was interesting though when I mentioned the birth of my daughter how kind they were. It was like deep in a pitched battle, blood everywhere, swords stained red, and suddenly someone shouts that they just had a baby. All the fighting stops and each gives a heartfelt congratulations to the new father amongst the fighters, and then the swords are thrust back at each other just as quickly! While I've not been to Mexico, I have lived in California and have seen some aspects of Mexican culture upfront. It sounds a lot like some European cultures, deeply held, strong in family, not giving a care about other cultures. Would you agree with that? Would Mexican culture be more like a European culture? Moreover, I am curious why the Europeans who came over to the United States over the past 200 years have been able to adapt and "assimilate"--though I hate the use of that word in regards to immigration because it tends to have a negative connotation ("resistance is futile"), and it seems to imply that the old culture must be abandoned for the new. If I recall my history correctly, it did take a lot of time for them to meld in with the rest of Americans. Do you think that Mexicans today and in future generations could do the same? And how much time could it actually take?


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