Wednesday, May 31, 2006

On That Accident in Kabul With Americans Killing Afghans

As we know, a US military truck ran into up to 12 vehicles killing apparently 3 people in a traffic accident. What is new though is that an Afghan general witnessed the accident and also witnessed Americans firing into the crowd kiling an additional four Afghans. the good general says why the Afghans got into such a rage:

General Gozar briefed President Karzai on the episode, and said he told the president that while it was clearly an accident, the behavior of the Americans had contributed to the people's anger. Arrogant driving — driving fast or not allowing cars to overtake their convoy — irritated people, he said. People were also angered when the soldiers prevented them from approaching the crashed cars to help the injured, he said.
what hearts and minds? Certainly not the Afghans!


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