Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Once a Terrorist, Always a Terrorist?

apparently not to the Bush Administration, which is why they are letting Lybia and Kadafi off the hook and normalizing relations with them. Remember that Kadafi is still a dictator, and in the Arab world. Mark one more on the side of dictators in America's relations with the Arabs. Some are thinking this is a move towards war with Iran.... Let us not forget what Kadafi did. One grieving mother reminds us:

HOW WOULD YOU feel if the man who murdered your child was forgiven — and embraced — by your government? That's what happened to me Monday when the State Department announced that Moammar Kadafi's Libya was being taken off the list of state sponsors of terrorism and that the United States would establish full and friendly relations with the regime. Libya, you may recall, was the country that blew up Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, on Dec. 21, 1988. The blast killed 270 people, 189 of them Americans. It was the worst terrorist attack on American civilians before 9/11. My daughter, Theodora — everyone called her Theo — was a Syracuse University drama student returning home from a semester in Britain on the flight. She was our only child, and her killing shattered our lives. I know national policy cannot be influenced by the personal grief and rage of a single family. But the Bush administration has dishonored our country. The excuse the administration gives for its actions is that Libya has changed: It has given up its weapons of mass destruction. But Libya never really had weapons of mass destruction. Yes, it had materials bought from Pakistani scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan's nuclear supermarket, and maybe Kadafi was nuts enough to believe that he could build nuclear weapons someday. But he didn't actually have any, and his program had been completely compromised long before he magnanimously agreed to give it up. Libya had no biological weapons either, apart from some World War I-era mustard gas. The truth is, Kadafi gave up nothing of value. It's hard to see how his example will inspire North Korea or Iran, countries that really do have nuclear weapons or the means to make them. The message they will take away is that the United States can be rolled. Has Libya embraced democracy? Not according to human rights groups, which say that Kadafi remains a brutal and unstable dictator. So much for President Bush's doctrine of spreading democracy. The message here is that the U.S. doesn't really mind doing business with tyrants. Has Libya helped the U.S. in its fight against terrorism? Yes, the Kadafi government has ratted out some of its former associates. But the Islamists have been trying to kill Kadafi for years. We are helping him get rid of his own enemies.
Using Bush's own black and white rule, either you with us or against us. Either you are for democracy or not for democracy. But see the problem is that Bush doesn't actually care about democracy. That's not his main goal in the realm of foreign policy. He's only worried about his political losses back home. When will Republicans have the balls to impeach this treasonous president!


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