Friday, May 05, 2006

Our "Powerful" Enemy....

So the Pentagon, in its "war on terror" uses the Zarqawi video against him as a counter-propaganda, showing how inept Zarqawi is at preparing a gun. A reader on Andrew Sullivan's blog preciently pointed out, however, what this really means:

Yes, it's quite funny that Zarqawi can't fire that weapon properly, but what's not so funny is the fact that if this is the caliber (pardon the pun) of the enemy we're fighting, what does it say about our ability to catch the guy? Do you think the Pentagon's spinmeisters thought about that before releasing the video? As you've said before, Fire Rumsfeld Now.
Our enemy is inept at preparing a gun, and yet, three years into his bloody fight against us, we still have yet to catch him?!?!?! If our enemy is so inept, what does it say about us?


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