Monday, May 15, 2006

Paying for Intentional Wars

I've been debating on several blogs with those who favor war with Iran. On The Belgravia Dispatch one J Thomas lists off the various options America has in bombing Iran. Yet, in talking all about the various bombs we could use, the various ships we could send in, the various troop deployments we could move in, not once was discussed the cost of these various options. It costs a lot of money to actually use our multitudes of weapons. The war in Iraq right now costs us almost $6 billion PER MONTH! or $195 million PER DAY! If you are a nation that was attacked by another, it would be understandable to ask your people to make a sacrifice, to put aside their spending and give a little to the government to pay for the war to defend the nation, but what do you do when you are the one instigating the attack? What do you do if you are the one who wants to start the war? Can you go to your people and ask them to fork over the money for your war? If you cannot, what do you do? Do you get a loan and pay for the war through a loan, thereby 1) forcing your nation to pay for the war without asking them if they wanted to pay for the war, and 2) increasing the overall payment due to interest rates on the loan you procured? Do you make future generations pay for your war? If you do, what choice to you give them in your war? I'm trying to remember here who was the last American leader to actually ask Americans to make a sacrifice and pay for a war upfront. Franklin Roosevelt is the only name that comes to mind. Can a modern American leader have the balls, the courage, the real statesman leadership to ask his generation to pay for his war? Our children are going to hate us for what we are doing right now. What freedom are we giving them if what we give them is our debts? What choices are they going to have in paying our debts off for us? Maybe they could be sly and deceitful like we are and shove those debts down on their children too. Is that really the American way?


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