Saturday, May 13, 2006

Sex Offender Registry - - - the Yellow Ticket of Leave

We should just give them yellow cards to present to everybody whenever they go public. After all this sex offender registry does nothing more than just that, mark them for criminals after they've apparently paid for the crimes they've committed. But here in the United States, we do not believe some people have paid enough for their crimes, so we introduce the draconian registry. We give them a false hope that they are free, when they are in a probably worse position than if they were to just stay in jail for the rest of their lives. and now we see evidence of mistaken identities where the life of an innocent man is ruined because of "vigillance" against registered sex offenders. As the lady who began the incident says, she's gotta protect her own. This article also shows that in Maine, two registered sex offenders were shot to death by an unknown gunman. It is quite simple really. If we don't feel someone has paid for their crimes, i.e. have reformed themselves so they don't go committing the same crime again, then isn't the punishment we inflict not enough? punishment should work as a deterrent as well as a consequence. Punishment should be severe enough so that possible offenders take a moment to weigh the outcomes. I believe that sex offenders are worse than any others out there with the exception of murderers. Once they get a taste of it, like with murder, it will be more enticing to go at it again. I believe the punishment for sex offenses should be much more severe. The most important thing about sex offenders is that they are not given a false hope of freedom. Do not let them back into society if we do not trust they will act right. If we do let them back in, mark them, they will never be free, and will be targets of "vigilantes" Les Miserables all over again.


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