Thursday, May 04, 2006

Torture: The Legacy of Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld

I agree with Andrew Sullivan who states this in his blog:

That's Amnesty International's conclusion. The full report is here. Read it, if you still doubt the reality. The evidence, I am ashamed and saddened to say, is overwhelming. Whatever else this administration has done, whatever other mistakes it has made, this abandonment of long-standing American honor and decency in the military is an unforgivable offense. It is an attack on the meaning of America by its own president. It must be forever attached to his name and to that of his vice-president. The stain is deep. And it has stained us all.
The names of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld will forever be linked to torture as long as my fingers can type, my voice can still speak, and my body have breath. The decency of America is lost, maybe forever, with the torture of its prisoners. Why more Americans are not shocked and alarmed and out with their pictchforks and torches screaming at the local magistrate may be due to the amount of torture Americans watch on TV on various shows. It has been very hard for me to watch Alias, a great show, a wonderfully scripted entertaining show, yet one that, with each new season, added more and more torture scenes. Season three was full of torture scene after torture scene. Smallville had a torture scene where Lex Luthor was in China being tortured. Law and Order and those kinds of shows show violent situation after violent situation, making viewers feel nothing but wrath toward the offenders, removing any humanistic feelings toward them. Our movies are violent. Take the new MI: III. Here you get commercials showing violent scene after violent scene....but.....what's the plot of the story? I know Philip Seymore Hoffman plays the bad guy....but....why is he the bad guy? What does the bad guy want, except apparently to torture and violate Mr. Hunt? What is the motive of the bad guy? What is the story essentially? You can't tell from the previews. All you get is a preview of the action, as if that is enough to lure one into the movie. Is this what we are becoming? A nation that is "past feeling" when it comes to violence? A nation that can easily disassociate itself from humanistic feelings towards others? A nation that can, at a whim, at a moment's notice, break off human contact with another human and let him suffer? We are better than this. We just need to remember. The worth of souls is great in the sight of God. We are ALL His children, even "terrorists." We cannot continue down a path in which we are no longer concerned about the lives of ALL. Maybe we never were concerned about the lives of all. Maybe this is the real America, that really only cares about its own interests. If that is the case, then America has lost its way.


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