Monday, May 01, 2006

Why Does Iran Want Nukes?

A New Strategy on Iran Mr. Ross makes some interesting points about the various aspects to a strategy on dealing with Iran. But yet again, he fails to see why Iran wants nuclear weapons. Is nobody seeing this? Why do the Iranians want a nuclear weapon? It all comes down to three other nations and the reactions from the United States. 1. Pakistan

When Pakistan tested a nuclear bomb, America reacted by sanctioning the country. It didn't react by invading the country--a Muslim country with a dictator, no less! After the paradigm shift post-9/11, America's best ally in South Asia has been Pakistan, even though it is a repressive dictatorship with nuclear weapons.
2. India
When India tested their nuclear bomb, America said "shame on you" and did nothing about it. They couldn't do anything about it. When India and Pakistan were on the nuclear war brink in 1998, America could do nothing. After the paradigm shift post-9/11, just earlier this year, Bush gave India all of America's cards. We now have no leverage with India. Why? because they have nuclear weapons, and America wants to use India as a leverage against China. In other words, America has said, "it's okay that India has nuclear weapons---even though they nearly went to nuclear war with Pakistan in 1998 and caused the deaths of millions of people----because we'll use India against China on China's southern flank.
3. North Korea
This is the worst of it. After years and years of saying, "we're not going to let NK have nukes," what happens? North Korea, despite sanctions galore and economic problems galore, now owns several nuclear weapons. What has the United States done about it? nothing.
Iran looks at the world and sees all these nations having gained nuclear weapons without American intervention, and says, "hey, we can actually do it. it might hurt us---some sanctions here and there, some international scorn here and there---but in the end, we'll come out alright." in other words, the opportunity cost does not outweigh the gains from having a nuclear weapon or two. What are those gains? What is respected internationally? Certainly not looks. No, internationally, what is respected is power. The United States respected the Soviet Union, and much as some conservatives wanted to blow up the Soviet empire, they feared those nukes. Power equals Respect to Iranians. Perhaps instead of acting childish and like an enemy to Iran, the United States ought to attempt to converse with Iran. Right now, America's actions look like a schoolyard bully rather than the most powerful nation on the planet. Our post-war "reconstruction" in Iraq is inept and disorganized. It has reduced our respect as well as the perception of our power. Iran is stronger than Iraq ever was. The only reason the Iran-Iraq war ended in a stalemate was because Saddam used chemical weapons to slow the advance of all those Iranians. We cannot win a war against Iran without severe consequences.


At 5/04/2006 07:32:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only reason the US wants to put sanctions on Iran, is because they want to close some agreements with China. Who is willing to pay for a higher price.


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