Saturday, May 13, 2006

Why Polygamists in Utah Are Not Prosecuted.....

This is pretty shameful of Utah officials, but apparently this is why that sect in Southern Utah continues to get away with the crimes they do:

It is rare for polygamists to be prosecuted in Utah. State authorities consider it impractical to prosecute its estimated 20,000 polygamists, though the practice is a felony in Utah. "Everything we have done we had to push them on," Petersen said of state and local authorities. "They were all chicken because they feel they will lose their whole careers if they go after this. "They keep saying it's a religious freedom issue," Petersen complained. "I keep saying it is not a religious freedom issue, it's about sleeping with children."
Mormons in Utah should be speaking out more loudly about this polygamist group than they do about illegal immigration. Do illegal immigrants sodomize 5 year old boys? Eh, then again, these polygamists are white, and illegal immigrants are Mexican.....


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