Saturday, May 27, 2006

You Could Only Wish....

that Congress would work this hard for the protection of regular Americans like they are for one of their own. In a dramatic event that shows just how out of touch with reality Congress is today, both the House and the Senate are working double-time to solve this little tiff with the FBI over the raid of a US Congressman's office. Hastert has been crying foul that this was against the constitutional separation of branches.....yet....where was he when Bush ordered the NSA to spy on millions of Americans, effectively saying that millions of Americans are possible terrorists? Where was Hastert when Bush snubbed his nose at Congress SEVEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY! times! This just truly shows how corrupt our US Congress has gotten, how full of themselves they've gotten, how important they think they are. We've got to show them this November what their true worth is. Vote them all out of power!


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