Monday, June 12, 2006

The Consequences of the War in Iraq

This Washington Post article on insurgents who move on from Iraq, should show clearly how badly we are losing the war. 1. If the War in Iraq was over WMDs, then where are they. 2. If the War in Iraq was not over WMDs but over a grand vision of altering the Middle East, then why are insurgents streaming out of Iraq and into Lebannon, changing the countries surrounding Iraq into something we don't want them to be? is that an alteration for the better? 3. If the War in Iraq was over humanitarian concerns, then why are we not more concerned about the 1300 some odd monthly deaths in the sectarian violence going on under our control? Meanwhile, Iran is gearing up to produce nuclear technology, North Korea already has nukes, the Taliban in Afghanistan are resurgent, Islamic fundamentalist warlords have won Mogadishu, and the world likes us even less than we could have thought. Are any of these consequences worth the removal of Saddam? Many of us warned that the price to pay for his removal was too great, but few listened, because all they saw was red, the blood of 9/11 spilt all over America, and America wanted revenge.


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