Sunday, June 04, 2006

Gore Says No to '08

Al Gore apparently has come out to say pretty clearly that he does not plan on running in 2008. Much as that would disappoint me, the more I think about it, the better I feel about it. Al Gore is too good for the muck of American politics. All the idiots like the Swift Boat Veterans who have no morals and are past feeling will come out of their secret combination hiding places to try and tear him down. He's too good for that. American politics will no longer allow an individual to run for office who cannot compromise on their principles. The irony of those who still to this day support Bush is that they believe him to be a man to stick by his principles. Yet, how has Bush done at downsizing the government? Bush said, "no nation building", yet he's working on two nation building projects as we speak (failing miserably at both of them). I think that a man like Gore, who now has left politics and is speaking from the heart, will be corrupted. I believe no human being alive today will not be corrupted if they entered American politics. Gore is happy where he is. And I think he is far more influential and can speak about his message far better from the position he is in than as the President of the United States, especially with how Bush has diminished the power and influence of this sacred office. The truly ironic aspect of Cheney's attempts to strengthen the executive branch is that by so doing, by creating more secrets, angering more allies, spying on Americans, dissing Congress, they've done far more to weaken the Executive than anyone could have imagined. I wish Gore all the best in his quest to save the environment. It is a tough fight, probably a fight we will lose, but he's got one more ally in me.


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