Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Is America Headed Towards A Civil War?

this is my blog on the DailyKos: I've been debating on a libertarian blog, Vox Day's Blog. He is a writer for the World Net Daily. I got pulled into his blog with his article a few weeks ago in which he gave an example of the possibility of removing millions of illegal immigrants from America. His example? Hitler removing Jews from Germany. As you would expect this created a firestorm, and the World Net Daily actually edited his remarks! In any case, I'm rambling here. I've been debating with his readers on his blog over several issues. A lot of their talk seems to lead towards a possibility of a new civil war in America. Yesterday, I started a diary here on the DailyKos, expressing my conflict over a choice on two principles, go with my church, or go with equality for all. Many responders claimed I could not be liberal if I did not agree to gay rights. Have we really become this polarized in America today? Are we going to all harden our beliefs even further to a possible showdown that might lead to blows? Is this the best way for America to solve its anger one toward another? As a Mormon, I believe that God has given us prophets here in our day. Our prophet today has said much about the need for greater kindness. What do you all think? Is it inevitable? Can Americans that are now so divided and hardened in their positions ever break out and come back to saner positions? BTW, check out the poll for the question I asked, which was: Is America headed towards another Civil War? Interesting answers to this point.


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