Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Mit Romney in '08?

In an interview with Newsweek Mit Romney answered a lot of questions that I found were quite good. He did something in the state of Massachusetts that I could never have imagined a Republican do, though he probably had no choice with a Democratic legistlative. He set up a universal health care plan to cover all of Massachusetts. It is an innovative plan that seems will work very well. He's worked with the Democrats, not against them. He may have flip-flopped on occasion in regards to gay rights. But generally speaking he is looking really good, and I might be interested in voting for him. we'll see what happens. oh and the interviewer asked: You would be the first Mormon presidential candidate. How much of an issue do you think that would be for non-Mormon voters? Perhaps Newsweek should do a little fact checking to find out that Joseph Smith actually ran for president in 1844.


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