Thursday, June 01, 2006

My Comments on Peggy Noonan's WSJ Op-ed

Peggy Noonan is singing the praises of a possible third party in American politics It's ironic though because she's been such a stalwart for the Republicans over the years. Why not suddenly a shift? This is my response to her op-ed:

Ms Noonan, Do you realize that you are part of the problem? How often have you sung the praises of the Republicans and excoriated the Democrats? And you expect learned people now to think you are somehow above the fray? You are a part of it. It is people like you that need to be removed from positions of influence and power, just as much as the current Administration and the current Congress. Where were you to decry Bush snubbing his nose at Congress 750 times? Where were you when Republicans called anyone who disagreed with them anti-American, terrorist-loving, communists? You were one of them! If you want to truly solve this problem, it is people like you that need to shut up.


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