Friday, June 09, 2006

Senator Specter Wants to Grant Immunity to NSA Lawbreakers

Over on DailyKos is a thread that shows how Senator Specter wants to give amnesty, basically immunity from punishment, to anybody who is found breaking the law, if the NSA surveillance of Americans is found unconstitutional. WHAT?!?!?! so here is my email to Mr. Specter. Senator Specter, I recently learned that you plan on introducing a bill on the issue of NSA surveillance with which I have several major qualms. According to the Washington Post (, your bill gives the President the "option" to get a warrant, rather than making it a "requirement." That in itself is very troubling. Why can you and the rest of Congress not actually hold the President accountable? Why are you such paper tigers? Why have you abrogated your Constitutionally mandated responsibility to be a check and a balance on the Executive Branch? Then I read the following passage, which sends chills down my spine: "Another part of the Specter bill would grant blanket amnesty to anyone who authorized warrantless surveillance under presidential authority, a provision that seems to ensure that no one would be held criminally liable if the current program is found illegal under present law." Are you actually serious? Do you realize what you are saying? You are saying that if the law is found unconstitutional, there will be no punishment for those who have gone against the Constitution. Are you serious! Or is the better question this: What do Bush and Cheney have on YOU? Have you slept with an intern lately and they have pictures? Did you take bribes from Abramoff too, and they have proof? What "mistakes" have you made that will allow them to blackmail you so easily? What have you done that makes it so easy for you to bend over to them? Mr. Specter, I assure you this, if this bill continues in the weak manner in which you currently present it, I will put all my efforts at unseating you, now! Not in 2010, when you are next up for reelection, but today, this year. I will work my hardest to remove yet one more weak Senator who has given in to the dictatorship of Bush and company who are fundamentally altering American governancy. For six years Congress has simply stood by and watched as Bush dismissed over SEVEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY laws you passed. Where is the anger, Mr. Specter? Wait, I recall your letter to Heil Cheney just a few days ago, which you made public. You showed your anger there, but like a paper tiger, there is no bite that actually will harm Cheney is there? How shameful, Mr. Specter, how shameful! Your constituent in Pennsylvania,


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