Thursday, June 01, 2006

What Liberalism Means To Me

This is my political view of the world. Liberalism, to me, is a belief that humans are inherently good to begin with and do not need government interference in how their personal, private lives are run. If a person wishes to destroy his life watching pornography, it is his choice and not the government's. Conversely, if a person wishes to worship his god in his own fashion, the government cannot control one way or the other what morals this person should have in his life. basically, this nation is not a Christian nation, but a religious nation, where religions of all kinds should have freedom to worship as they so choose, (provided that worship does not include harming others). Liberalism is a belief that the people have created a contract with their representatives in government to provide the people with all that the people desire of their representatives. So if a community desires that its funds should be used to pay for the health care of the entire community, then so it shall be. Liberalism believes governments can actually do good things when pushed by the people. Liberalism believes that corporations (entities whose blood and life are profits and greed) do not have the best in mind for the people, but for themselves, and must be watched by the only entity stronger and larger than the corporation: the government, which is under contract with the people who elected it. Liberalism believes religious sins should be punished by religions not by the state, and that the state should only punish crimes committed against another person. where this gets fuzzy is with abortion. I do not agree with abortion, but you can see where some get the erroneous belief that abortion doesn't kill a human being. Liberalism believes in a strong defense and has no hesitation in defending the country. However, seeing the bloodletting of the past, liberalism believes in shooting (pun intended) for peace first before the bullets fly. It is folly and foolish to think one country can stand alone in the world, especially when it stands alone due to its own choice. that's pretty foolish. Liberalism believes in multi-culturalism and multi-lateralism. There is nothing to fear except fear itself. There is nothing to fear in other cultures, especially if you already believe strongly in your own. Only those who are insecure in their culture fear other cultures. Liberalism allows for strong religious views, though some feel that their scientific education negates God. They're fools. Liberalism believes in taking care of our environment, and ensuring that we don't destroy the world around us for a simple buck or two. God commanded us in Genesis to "multiply and REPLENISH THE EARTH." we cannot replenish the earth if we expend all the earth's resources without replacing them, replenishing them. We must take care of our planet, or we will be held accountable at the final day. I'm sure I've missed a point or two, but those generally are the principles of liberalism that I believe in and espouse. Personally I've got a libertarian streak, and believe in strongly in families and other traditional values hijacked by conservatives, who claim those principles only belong to conservatives. fools they are.


At 6/02/2006 09:39:00 PM, Blogger Pablo said...

Only those who are insecure in their culture fear other cultures.

Tell it to the Indians.


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