Wednesday, July 12, 2006

General Casey's Opinion

General Casey, America's top general in Iraq, the one who should know what's going on in Iraq says the following about the secterian violence these past few days:

"I believe part of this is generated by al Qaeda, in the aftermath of Zarqawi's death, trying to demonstrate that they are still relevant and they have continuously been trying to provoke sectarian violence in Iraq," Casey said after meeting with Rumsfeld at the heavily-guarded U.S. Embassy compound in Baghdad Wednesday afternoon.
Really? Al-Qaeda? Not Shi'ite gunmen and Sunni bombers? Or is the good general using talking points given him by Rumsfeld to keep the lie going that Iraq was all about al-Qaeda? Mr. General, does not the army have the "Know your enemy" motto firmly ingrained in its philosophy? No wonder America is losing Iraq. Our top general does not know who the enemy is.


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