Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Fourth of July

boy it has been some time since i've posted on this blog. been a busy week or so. if you check out my family blog, here you'll see why. Pennsylvania got flooded big time, and our house was pretty close to the flooding. Today is Independence Day for the United States of America and also for me and my family. It was 24 years ago this day that we arrived in the United States from Romania. I've been writing about my experiences in life in moving to the United States on my blog, such as this recent post about how my father escaped. Independence Day means very much to me. I am a free man politically. I can choose whatever religion I desire and what ever political party I desire. These things lead to many other freedoms, including speaking out against a policy I disagree with. America is an amazing country, nation, and people. It is a light on a hill and the example for all other countries to emulate should they so desire. There are many things that America can improve on, as with any and all nations and people. But generally speaking, America is a great place with good people, people who help each other out in times of trial, as shown during the flooding here recently. America is a country I can trust to do things right (most of the time), whereas few other countries get that distinction. I can only hope our leaders don't squander this trust. Happy Fourth of July and Happy Independence Day everyone.


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