Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Birth Pangs of the New Middle East

Thank you Bush for handing to Iran such a victory. Take a look at these reports from the region. They should show pretty clearly who really won.

Lebanese Blast Arab Rulers, Praise Iran and Syria

Syria, Iran more powerful than ever

Syria warns Israel over Golan

This is the really dangerous one. Syria is telling Israel that it will learn from Hezbollah how to fight and remove Israel from the Golan Heights. Thank you Bush. This is exactly what Israel needed.

Iran wants new Middle East without US, British meddling

They should know. It was the British and Americans who in Operation Ajax removed a democratically elected leader of Iran, just because British Petroleum was unhappy that Iran had nationalized their oil production. Sucks when it cuts into a company's profits, don't it.

Many Arabs, sadly, see things Assad's way

All this because Bush gave Israel the green light to take Hezbollah's bait on July 12. Oh the future is going to be messy.


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