Thursday, August 10, 2006

James Forsyth argues on Foreign Policy Blog "how imbecilic it is to argue that if only Tony Blair hadn't allied himself with George W. Bush in the war on terror there would be no problem" regarding the radicalization of British Muslims. He shows polls taken among British Muslims showing their radical beliefs.

Mr. Forsyth believes that Bush's war on terror is winning....but Mr. Forsyth does not show polls taken among British Muslims before the Iraq war to gauge just when this radicalization took place among British Muslims. It is the argument of those Mr. Forsyth and his neo-conservative friends call "appeasers" that this radicalization took place BECAUSE OF Bush's GWOT, not in spite of. It is not appeasement to criticize a poor choice of policy, but wisdom. To follow a policy that further radicalizes those who we need on our side is pure foolishness and stupidity.


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