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Why Rapturists Want Israel At War With Her Neighbors

Israel has few friends in this world. Since their modern rebirth, they have fought many wars, angered many people, and has had only one real ally. Israel is an impressive country. Receiving the most financial support of any country in the world from the United States, they've created a rich, thriving nation in a desert. For comparison, to show just how impressive this feat is, compare Israel to Egypt, which receives the second highest amount of financial aid from the United States, behind Israel. Egypt has the same opportunity to create the same grand country. Instead, Egypt is beset by massive corruption and a dictatorship. Meanwhile, Israel is the stable democracy we wish to see other countries in the region follow.

Israel deserves the aid and support America gives it. However, Israel must be wary when they see Conservative Christians so fully backing anything Israel does. Israel wants peace with her neighbors. In fact, she made peace with two countries, Egypt and Jordan, both of whom wished for Israel's destruction before their peace was made. Conservative Christians (and neo-cons) however, cringe and privately are disappointed, when Israel makes peace with her neighbors. Why?

First, on July 12, Hezbollah made a cross-border incursion, killed eight soldiers and captured two, taking those two back into Lebanon. This occurred on the watch of a new Israeli prime minister who had not seen combat, like Sharon or any previous Israeli PM. Olmert felt like he had to show he was as tough as Sharon, or face revolts from his right in Israel. How to respond? he must have been thinking. Sharon did nothing in Lebanon, focusing solely on Palestine, and it didn't get him much. Now, Olmert thinks it might benefit his presidency to show he can take care of Hezbollah for good. But like the foolish Rumsfeld/Bush duo, he chooses a small force to enter Lebanon thinking that should solve the problem. He learns quickly that Hezbollah ain't no Hamas. Now he has to move his goalposts back and accept Hezbollah still being there. Can he find a political solution that will keep him popular at home? That depends on the Americans. More on them later.

Hezbollah, at Iran's behest, makes the incursion and kidnapping for a prisoner tradeoff, as both Israel and Hezbollah have done numerous times before since 1982. I don't think Nasrallah calculated that the new Israeli PM would react so strongly. However, Hezbollah was ready to show the world just how powerful they really were.

Iran is getting a lot of heat even from allies for its nuclear program. What better way to change the subject and focus of the major powers than to start a conflict between two foes that hate each other and will inevitably be the focus of the world? I'm not sure though which power in Iran ordered Hezbollah to action. Ahmedinejad is not that powerful a prime minister, his fiery rhetoric aside. Most of the power is still with the clerics. In any case, forward they move with their nuclear program.

Bush is faced with more problems than he would like to deal with. It's August for goodness sake!!! "I'm supposed to be on vacation in August!" You can see how tired he is. He is still focused. What does Bush want? He sees the opportunity to use the Israelis for his own purposes. The Israelis must realize that they are being used. Normally America holds them on a tight leash, giving them only a short while to act. They must realize they are an American tool right now.

Bush will use Israel to further isolate Syria's influence in Lebanon, remove Hezbollah and give a slap in the face to Iran, all in this one move. That's what Bush sees. He loves to see Israel pound Lebanon, even though that means sacrificing the only real success he has actually had in regards to democracy in the Middle East. The greater goal for Bush is the punishment of Iran, irrespective of who dies and what is lost.

America solidly backs Israel, as they should, and also as they cannot speak any word considered even possibly anti-Israel, or they'd get the Mel Gibson treatment. If one says that this attack on Lebanon will not give Israel the goals she desires, one is labeled anti-Semitic. That is a bunch of trash. I propone that those who avidly and unabashedly back any and all Israeli military action, are by their intents, anti-Semitic in two ways. I will get to this in a second.

I believe Israel should have, in this case, simply exchanged prisoners, and not take Iran's bait at war. Olmert did not see the bigger picture (and Bush doesn't care that he just got baited by Iran). Iran is playing a smart game here. By forcing Israel into bombing Lebanon, Iran is turning the public opinion tide further away from Israel and America. Iran and her allies can point to the civilian casualties as examples of how little America and Israel care for Arabs and Muslims. Iran and her allies can divert attention away from their own hypocritical horrors. This action has further weakened America's influence in the Middle East. Furthermore, Hezbollah's training far exceeds any previous military that Israel faced, and now Arabs look at Israel and do not see the all-powerful Army it used to see. This is very bad for Israel, for America, and for all the Arab countries around Israel, because it means more conflicts are coming in the future.

I've heard a great recommendation for how Israel can solve its problems. Hezbollah is popular with the Shi'ites in Lebanon because they provide social services, hospitals, and education. Perhaps Israel should provide these services instead. Show the soft side and perhaps they might get more friends then they realize.

I wonder why Lebanese who are fleeing the conflict do not go over the border into Israel for protection. Why do they take flight to Syria?

Back to America....Bush is a conservative Christian. In 1998 he went on a trip to Israel and was moved to tears, singing Amazing Grace, while seeing the Holy Land. What did he feel? Perhaps he knew a few things about scripture and prophecy.

Here is wisdom for Israel. If Christian conservatives are happy and giddy to see you at war, and are cheerleading you on, it is not because that war benefits you, dear Israel, but because this means that Jesus Christ will come again soon to save them, NOT YOU!

Let me share a few things these Christianists (as Andrew Sullivan likes to call them) believe:

Rapture on Wikipedia

What is the Rapture?

The rapture is an event that will take place sometime in the near future. Jesus will come in the air, catch up the Church from the earth, and then return to Heaven with the Church. In 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18, we are given a clear description of the rapture: "the dead in Christ will rise, then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord."

The main thrust of this web site is to prove that the rapture will occur prior to the beginning of the tribulation. This has been well researched and documented throughout the site. But, whether Jesus returns for the Church before, during, or after the tribulation, the primary goal is that all people are ready to face the Lord and give an account for their lives.

"What takes place after the Rapture?"

After The Rapture, God will begin executing judgments against unbelievers, during a period called the Tribulation. At the end of the Tribulation all nations will attack Israel, and Jesus Christ will physically return, leading the armies of heaven. At the Battle of Armeggedon they will destroy everyone who is not a believer. Then Satan will be bound, and Jesus will set up the Millennial Kingdom, headquartered in Jerusalem. Jesus and the saints will rule over the nations of the Earth for a thousand years. During this period there will be people born who are not loyal to Christ. However, it usually will not be obvious. Therefore, at the end of the thousand-year period, God will release Satan and let him tempt those who inhabit the Earth. A large group will take up arms against the Lord and be defeated. Then, Christ will judge all who have ever lived, giving rewards to some and punishment to others. Those who were "destroyed" will be cast into the Lake of Fire, i.e., Hell. After that, God will destroy heaven and Earth because they have been polluted by sin. He will create a new heaven and a new Earth, put those who were saved on the new Earth, and rule it forever.

As you see, they believe that the world will turn on Israel and want to destroy her in battle. So what happens when Israel takes the battle to her enemies, in the sight of these Rapturists?

Take a look. These comments were on the Rapture Ready message board, but were taken down when Rapture Ready got too many visitors. But they have been saved, and several bloggers have them saved. Theyrereal, a DailyKos blogger, has posted these quotes as well.

July 11th, 2006, 10:13 PM


Is it time to get excited? I can't help the way I feel. For the first time in my Christian walk, I have no doubts that the day of the Lords appearing is upon us. I have never felt this way before, I have a joy that bubbles up every-time I think of him, for I know this is truly the time I have waited for so long. Am I alone in feeling guilty about the human suffering like my joy at his appearing some how fuels the evil I see everywhere. If it were not for the souls that hang in the balance and the horror that stalks man daily on this earth, my joy would be complete. For those of us who await his arrival know, somehow we just know it won't be long now, the Bridegroom cometh rather man is ready are not.

July 11th, 2006, 10:26 PM


it has been quite a day today, if you caught all the news; I'm getting the feeling world tension is gonna be high for a long time with increased terrorism and nations being defiant. I don't think it will cool down until after the rapture when the peace deal is confirmed.

July 11th, 2006, 10:30 PM


...How can we not be excited, our redeemer cometh. We should pray always for the lost. But he is coming. Amen Amen ever so come lord Jesus.

your brother in Christ,


July 11th, 2006, 11:30 PM


Ready, waiting and excited here! Still telling others whenever possible that the rapture could take place at any time because this world is in such a big MESS and evidently it goes through one ear and right out the other.

...July 12th, 2006, 08:15 AM


I am excited beyond words that the struggle of this life may be over soon and I can finally be FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

Shelle circles her fist over her head and imitates Arsenio Hall by yelling WHOO-WHOO-WHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

July 12th, 2006, 09:15 AM


I too am soooo excited!! I get goose bumps, literally, when I watch what's going on in the M.E.!! And Watcherboy, you were so right when saying it was quite a day yesterday, in the world news, and I add in local news here in the Boston area!! Tunnel ceiling collapsed on a car and killed a woman of faith, and we had the most terrifying storms I have ever seen here!! But, yes, Ohappyday, like in your screen name , it is most indeed a time to be happy and excited, right there with ya!!

July 12th, 2006, 12:46 PM


...Our bridegroom and kinsmen redeemer, what a beautiful thought!! To finally see His face!!!

Sound the shofar! Let the Enemy know the alert has been sounded and Yeshua is stepping onto the battlefield.

I am a Jewish princess, my Father is the King of Kings!


July 12th, 2006, 05:16 PM

...If He tarries, I will just have time to get my hair and nails done (you know let all I come into contact with know of my Bridegroom and what He has/will do). So i am all spiffied up for Him when He does arrive to take me home. No disappointment, just a few last minute details to take care of to be more pleasing to look at.

...July 12th, 2006, 06:46 PM


Days like today it's all I want. Other days because of others I want one more. But what a privilege to be apart of the rapture. I can hardly wait!!

I propone that these people are anti-Semitic for two reasons.

1. They want to see Israel at war for selfish reasons. They don't particularly care if Israelis die, as long as it hastens the Lord's appearance.

2. They don't realize that Arabs too, are of the tribe of Shem, and therefore Semitic. Anytime one makes a derogatory comment about Arabs, that individual is anti-Semitic.

These "supporters" of Israel only support this and future wars, so that it hastens the Lord's return, so that they, selfishly, will be saved. They are not real supporters of Israel, and should be scorned, and shunned.

I am a Mormon and I do believe the Savior will come, and most likely pretty soon. However, I do not look forward to the violence that hastens his arrival. I look forward to his return to STOP the violence, as apparently we are incapable of doing so ourselves. We, humans, should be ashamed that we cannot solve our problems without resorting to violence. That is not the way of the Lord and of Christians. I am sorry others who profess a belief in Christ are so strong advocates of violence. They do not understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ and only further undermine the love the Savior wants us to have one for another. We cannot have charity for those we kill. It is impossible.


At 8/09/2006 10:01:00 PM, Blogger Seven Star Hand said...

Understanding the Fatal Flaws in Judeo-Christian-Islamic Prophecy

Hello Nicolaepadigone ,

Remember the saying that "the truth will set you (and others) free?" How does "opening one's eyes to the truth" relate to "making the blind see again" or "shining the light" or "illuminating a subject?" Notice the inherent symbolism associated with this supposed New Testament "miracle?"

Pay close attention, profundity knocks at the door, listen for the key. Be Aware! Scoffing causes blindness...

Here's the key to proving that the rapture and related expectations are complete nonsense based on the failure to understand (and the purposeful confounding of) the ancient Hebrew symbology used to construct all of these prophecies. Consequently, Christian timelines and interpretations of these prophecies are verifiably wrong on many key points.

Did you ever consider that Christianity is the False Prophet symbolized in the Apocalypse, that Rome (Vatican/Papacy) is the so-called anti-messiah, and Jesus Christ is the false messiah? I have produced stunning and comprehensive proof that this is the true interpretation of pivotal prophecies long confounded by Christianity's founders and leaders. Recasting the symbolism of earlier Hebrew texts as literal events in the New Testament is one of the central deceptions associated with Christianity.

The symbolism of seven years (tribulation, etc.) refers to seven 360-year cycles on the Hebrew calendar. Ezekiel 39.9 is referring to the 10th to 16th cycles inclusive, while the Apocalypse symbolizes the 11th cycle (second temple period) until now, the beginning of the 17th cycle (seventh angel/star/seal, etc.). Greece (Alexander the Great) conquered the Persian Empire and Judea during the 10th cycle and Rome did so again during the 11th cycle. Both Ezekiel and the Apocalypse are symbolizing an overlapping period of time that starts during ancient Judea and ends now. Gog refers to Greco-Romans (...from the "isles"), which means Magog is Eurasia and the "army" that besets "Israel" for seven "years" refers to the activities of the nations of the Greco-Roman/Vatican Empire over the previous two-plus millennia.

It is completely wrong to interpret any of these prophecies as literal timelines and events. Unlike Christian assertions, they symbolize long periods of time, pivotal situations, and the flow of activities during that period. Remember, they were written by ancient Hebrew sages, not Romans or other Europeans, and Revelation is the most symbolic of all prophecies. Consequently, in this context, "years" and "times" are symbols for 360-year cycles on the Hebrew calendar and days symbolize literal years. Therefore "Judgement Day," "Great Day" and "in that day" all refer to a literal year-long period. Accordingly, the so-called "Seven Years Tribulation" began in ancient Judea and is now nearing its end, not starting. The nations and followers of all three faiths of Abraham have been thoroughly deceived by Rome during the previous age, which ended in year 2000 (5760). A new age began in 2001 (5761) and now the seventh angel has begun to sound!

Read the full article below:

Here is Wisdom



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