Thursday, September 07, 2006

Bush's Blackmailing of America

Josh Marshall gets it.

Andrew Marshall gets it and here.

Greg Djerejian gets it and here.

Washington Post op-ed gets it.

What do they get?

They see the lie and evil in Bush's latest speech, yet another attempt to corner Democrats, rather than fight terrorism. Bush revealed, first off, that it was true, CIA had secret prisons in various parts of the world. That admission is interesting. Will the conservatives who denounced the Washington Post for revealing the secret prisons now denounce President Bush for admitting their existence? Or will they now claim, "hey he's da prez!---All Hail Da Emperor!---he can do what he likes because he's above the law!"

That's not the worst part. As has been analysed on many blogs, what Bush is cynically doing is saying, "either you accept my way, or you let the terrorists go free." In other words, Bush is blackmailing America. He is transferring the worst of the worst guys including KSM (the dude who orchestrated 9/11 at Bin Laden's command) to Guantanamo and saying to America, "Now do you want me to close Guantanamo?" This is pure blackmail. He is telling Congress, "either you give me the military tribunals I want (which will go on with no real protection for the defense), or because I cannot reveal national secrets in a military trial, let the terrorists off on lack of evidence. What do you want Congress?"

Republicans are cheering this blackmail, as they've given up all support for fair trials, don't mind America using Soviet style secret prisons, and the disappearing of individuals off the face of this planet with no consequence to the actions thereof. Republicans don't mind the blackmail because they care more about winning elections than protecting America. They would risk the release of the worst of the worst men on the planet just so they can create their favorite 30-second TV ad against their political opponent.

And we thought terrorists were evil. How about the men who would risk their release in order to score political points?


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