Friday, September 08, 2006

The "Path to 9/11" Debacle

ABC is releasing a mini-series fictional depiction of what happened from 1993 to 2001 that allowed 9/11 to occur. I'm not going to sit here and say Clinton did his job well at fighting terror (neither did Bush Jr. before 9/11, nor his father, nor Reagan who cut and ran when Hezbollah killed 241 Marines in their sleep!), but if you are making a fictional story, then say so. Don't portray the film as a docu-drama, or anything close to the truth.

What ABC should have done is create an actual documentary. But for some reason, ABC doesn't think Americans will sit and watch an actual documentary. Or maybe ABC didn't have the talent needed to create a real vision of what happened, like so many talented documentary creators have. ABC is about entertainment these days. They've given up any notion of being a station where one could learn something of value. So they now fib the facts to "dramatize" and tug at our hearts, create the anger in us at our "enemy."

The New York Times has reviewed the miniseries, and gets into the whole notion of documentary vs. dramatization. But something caught my eye as I read the review. The New York Times also does not hold back in criticizing the Clinton administration for not stepping up against Bin Laden. In discussing the issue of the sex scandal, the reviewer states the following:

The Sept. 11 commission concluded that the sex scandal distracted the Clinton administration from the terrorist threat. But in hindsight, surely the right-wing groups who drove for impeachment must look back at their partisan obsession with shame, like widows sickened by the memory of spats about dirty dishes and gambling debts.

The imagery is beautiful, but I seriously doubt right wingers who pushed the distraction realize just what they accomplished. In forcing Clinton's attention on the scandal, were not right-wingers taking the nation's security at risk? Moreover, I doubt they would even care that their deep passionate hatred of Clinton and their drive to impeach him gave Bin Laden all the breathing room he needed to plan and execute the most successful terrorist attack in history.

The irony is sadly tragic.


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