Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Political Pandering By Bush

apparently today, Bush announces that all detainees held in secret prisons (note that this confirms that the United States government did in fact have secret prisons), in all places of the world, will now hold prisoner of war status. So why do I not say, "this is good news!" or "finally a step in the right direction!" Because the key to politics is timing. Why did it take Bush this long to finally do this? Why in September two months before an election in which his party will likely lose control of Congress? This is simply more evidence that Bush uses national security for political purposes. He did not order all prisoners to have these rights when the Supreme Court ruled against him back in June and July. In fact, back then, the Bush Administration's strategy was to get Congress to change the law to make it possible to continue having secret prisons, etc. Why suddenly the change? Simple: November. Make it look like Republicans are not against the Constitution of the United States. This is how vile the Bush Administration has gotten, where they play with people's lives just so their party can remain in power. Such lust for power is not in the best interest of America. Vote them out!


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